Terms and Conditions

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The Bespoke Shipping app ('the app') is provided by MZL Solutions ('we','us') as-is. The app provides you with the ability to write your own shipping rules; you must accept these terms and conditions in order to use the app. If you do not, you must uninstall the app.

Rate calculations

The app will calculate the rate as programmed and return these to Shopify; we do not take any responsibility for any errors in the rate calculation resulting from insufficient programming. If your programming contains any errors such as syntax errors or warnings, we may ask you to rectify this; you must comply with the request.

Setup services

If you have paid for setup services provided directly by us, then we will warrant that this will be free of defects for a period of 14 calendar days once you have been notified that the work has been completed or ready to test. Any issues resulting from insufficient or ambiguous requirements or subsequent modifications to your store will not be deemed defects; we reserve the right to make the final determination as to what is considered a defect. All payments for setup are due once your invoice has been issued or unless otherwise stated or agreed. In some cases you may need to make an upfront payment before work can commence.


Shopify caches shipping rates for a period of time, this means sometimes the app is not queried and Shopify will display a stale rate, as this is out of our control, any issues arising from Shopify's cache will not be considered a defect. We will endeavour to resolve any issues as best we can however technical limitations may apply.

Uptime and responsiveness

We strive to deliver 100% uptime through our cloud based infrastructure; we offer multi-location redundancy however we do not offer an SLA on uptime. In cases where you make use of 3rd party APIs, we do not make any guarantees as to the 3rd party API uptime or responsiveness. If the 3rd party API becomes unavailable then this will impact your shipping rates.

Privacy Policy

We will not provide your data to any other party without your prior consent or unless required by law. We maintain logs of the transactions between Shopify and Bespoke or you and our API endpoint for purposes of security auditing and debugging issues. These are purged on a regular basis and you may opt out by contacting us at hello@pa+remove+rcelintelligence.com.au. If you choose to opt-out of these logs then we will be unable to assist in any query relating to your shipping rates until it is enabled again. Within our logs we may store your IP address and any details provided through Shopify's carrier service API call.

GDPR Compliance

The app as a data controller

On installation of the app, we store certain details about your store for security and authentication purposes. This may include personally identifiable information about you, such as your email address. You agree to provide us consent to store and use this data.

The app as a data processor

With respect to the calculation of your shipping rates, the app is a data processor, by using the app you (as the data controller) agree to provide consent for the app to accept your customers' information and process this data in accordance to the programming contained within the app. If you use our direct API then you agree that data may be transmitted to USA based servers via industry standard encryption methods. If you have logging enabled then you also agree that we may store this data on our servers for a period of time. It is your responsibility (as the data controller) to ensure your own terms, conditions and policies sufficiently obtains consent from your customers to allow the app to process and store your customers' data. We do not permanently store any of your customers' personally identifiable data other than server logs which are purged regularly. If you require any additional information or need to obtain or correct data in accordance with the GDPR you can contact us at he+remove+llo@parcelintelligence.com.au. Customers must make requests in relation to their own data themselves.


The app requires cookies for the purposes of authenticating you and the admin GUI. By using this app you agree to accept the use of cookies.

Contact and notifications

From time to time we may email you updates relating to the app via the email address registered in Shopify at the time of the app installation, by using this app you agree to accept these email notifications.

Refunds and reimbursements

We do not provide refunds or reimbursements. You are responsible for uninstalling the app before the end of your free trial period if you do not wish to incur a fee. You are also responsible for testing your rates work as intended as we will not reimburse you for any out of pocket expenses relating to incorrect shipping rates. Only in exceptional circumstances may a refund be offered. We will be the sole decider as to what considers an exceptional circumstance.


Discounts are offered to merchants who have a large number of stores. If you have obtained a discount from the regular advertised subscription rate, you will forfeit your free trial period on the stores with discounts applied.

Development Shopify stores

We will activate the app for you free of charge on development stores; you must request this by contacting us on hell+remove+o@parcelintelligence.com.au. In the event the store becomes a paid store, you must contact us so the application charge can be activated, failure to do so may result in the app ceasing to function.

Updates to these terms and conditions

We reserve the right to update these terms and conditions as necessary from time to time, a copy of the latest terms and conditions can be found at https://parcelintelligence.com.au/cs/terms.php