No confusing plans

The app costs a low $15USD/month for unlimited use (* CCS required)

You will receive a 7 day free trial and will be billed automatically at the end of the trial.

Cancel anytime by uninstalling the app. No contracts.

Feature rich UI

The app comes with a user friendly feature rich UI allowing you to setup your rates with ease.

  • Rates by customer type (by customer tags and more)
  • Rates by supplier (by product tags, vendor, SKU and more) and calculate live rates from different locations
  • Rates by product type (by product tag, stock availability, time of day/week and more)
  • Rates based on customer calendar date selection (Requires Zapiet app integration or 3rd party calendar widget)
  • Zones by postcode or city

End to end setup

If you don't want to setup your own rates, or can't setup the rules you want using our UI, we're here to help! We offer fully managed end to end setup and integration of your shipping needs from $100USD (via PayPal), contact us with your shipping requirements to find out more.

For the DIYers

See our knowledge base for details on how to write your own config using our Macro Editor.
For those who want to get stuck straight into it, visit our repository of code samples.

Need Help?

We offer support via email only, this allows us to serve customers all around the world more efficiently.

New customers...
Please provide a detailed description of how you would like your shipping rates to behave and we will do our best to assist, If you're not sure, that's okay! Let us know what your issues are and we can suggest some solutions.

Existing customers...
If you have a query regarding the rates being returned for a specific order, please provide us with a full screenshot of the checkout page, clearly showing the destination address, all items in the cart, all rates shown and a description of the issue.


Access our knowledge database

Email us @ hello@parcelintelligence.com.au

* You will also need CCS (Carrier Calculated Shipping) enabled on your Shopify plan in order to use the app, this is the API the app runs over and hence mandatory. If CCS is not already included with your plan, you can get it for free by switching your Shopify plan to annual billing, otherwise you can add it to any plan for $20/mth. Contact Shopify for either option.
From Jan 1st 2023, CCS may no longer be avaialble to merchants on the starter or basic plans, please contact Shopify support to check if this option is still available to you, Merchants with CCS already enabled will be unaffected.

Setup fees are non-refundable.